WaterHog Inlay Mat Specifications

Fiber: Solution-dyed polypropylene
Weight: 24 ounces/yard2
Construction: Needle-punched
Design: Waffle

Material: SBR rubber - smooth or universal cleated
Thickness: 78-mil (body thickness 78-mil; border thickness 143-mil)

OVERALL MAT THICKNESS: 3/8 inch (0.3750")


  • Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
  • Passes CPSC FF 1-70 for the surface flammability of carpets

Design Specifications

WaterHog Inlay mats are produced using an inlay process, where colored material is cut and pieced together by hand before pressing into rubber.  As a result, there are very strict design requirements for this product.  PMS color matching is not available.  White material should not be used as the background color or for large sections of the mat as it is difficult to keep the color clean.

  • Minimum Text Height: 3" (includes lower case text)
  • Minimum Line Thickness: 3/8" and 3/4" for straight lines longer than 12”
  • Any space between letters or design elements must be at minimum 3/8"

The text requirements are for general use; however, special fonts and very thin letter forms may need to be made larger or thicker and will be approached on a case-by-case basis.

Gradients, tints, screens and transparencies are not supported and should not be used.

Clipping masks in Adobe Illustrator files must be avoided.

Convert all outlines to objects, and try to have as few nodes as possible without compromising the original design appearance if possible.

The following colors are not available in widths greater than 4’: Aquamarine, Light Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow. **WHITE IS NOT AN AVAILABLE BACKGROUND COLOR**

For Waterhog Inlay II, objects cannot be placed less than 2” from the mat edge.  For Fashion Inlay, objects should be placed a minimum of 3” from the edge.  If the design calls for a border, avoid inset borders - we can only produce solid borders.  Please use a minimum thickness of 2” for mat widths 4’ and under, and 3” for mat widths of 6’.  Trademark symbols (Ô, â, ã, etc.) should be avoided or if included, will need to be oversized to meet the approved design specifications.

Cleaning Instructions

For the best results, utilize the following cleaning method to clean your WaterHog Inlay mat:

  • Vacuum regularly (daily in high-traffic commercial areas; weekly in lower traffic areas).
  • Extract clean to remove heavy soil/debris.  Hang mat to dry.

Always make sure the mat is dry before placing it back in service.