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* Designer Vinyl Flooring Collection * Hundreds to Choose From

Each of our designs are expertly created using texture, giving a more robust feel than a flat image. Depth and dimension add to the overall effect of each of your floors. 

A combination of both timeless classics and cutting-edge new designs are delivered with hundreds to choose from. 

      Arbor (P915) $119.50 USD
      Azulejo (P1382) $119.50 USD
      Beech Tree (P846) $119.50 USD
      Bird (P1904) $119.50 USD
      Block Party (P955) $119.50 USD
      Comic Book (P63) $119.50 USD
      Contstruct (P363) $119.50 USD
      Create (P1554) $119.50 USD
      Cross Hatch (P696) $119.50 USD
      Dash (P34) $119.50 USD