Vintage Flooring Replication

Thank you for your interest in Graphic Image Flooring to reproduce your vintage flooring. Our process has been refined over many projects and years. It is designed to ensure accuracy and your satisfaction.

Reproductions can be more involved than you might realize. Below is a highlight of the process: 

  1. You provide us with the overall measurements of the space along with a shipping address. We will provide an estimate for the entire project (reproduction, design and shipping). 
  2. If we are producing from an existing section of flooring you will send a large piece of the tile to our production designer. Please note that it is your responsibility to confirm there is no asbestus in the floor. If asbestus is in the flooring or you suspect there may be we will work off of pictures only.
  3. We start with an allotment of up to 6 hours for design but this can change based on the design and level of detail required.
  4. Payment for the design work is due at this time for the artwork. 
  5. We will begin color adjustments to the file as well as clean up any debris that may be on the tile to create what is in effect an original material. 
  6. Next, we will create a digital file to be able to make a 24” x 24” printed sample for approval. It is possible to provide a few color variations on the same file and eventual print to aid in the approval process. 
  7. A sample will be produced and shipped to you to view and approve. 
  8. Once we receive your feedback on the sample we will either adjustment the file or move to a digital proof for the full space. If an additional sample is required or we go over the allotted design time we will provide a new quote for the additional work. It is rare however that we go over the initial budget. 

To ensure the best result this takes a little time and patience. Generally we allow about 7-10 business days for design once the sample is received. Production takes about 5 business days plus shipping for you to receive your sample.  

We understand the investment in both cost and time with our goal is always to get it right. An exact match or extremely close is very important and therefore we need to take our time. If an exact match is not required then it can streamline the process. 

Thank you and we look forward to working on your project.