Defender Inlay Floor Mat - Beveled Specifications

Mat Specifications:

  • Surface Material: Coarse Denier Polypropylene
  • Surface Weight: 54 oz. per square yard
  • Surface Color: Solution dyed
  • Imprint: Inlaid
  • Options: Beveled Edge or Vinyl Nosing


  • Thickness: 1/2”
  • Material: Composite Rubber

Imprint Colors & Recommendations:

  • Recommended Letter Height: 1/2″
  • Recommended Line Thickness: 1/4″
  • CMYK, 4 Color UV Printing

Lead Times:

  • Design proofs provided and take approximately 2 business days from the time your order is placed
  • Production is approximately 12 – 15 business days
  • All times can fluctuate with seasonality
  • Add time for shipping

Important Disclaimers:

Mat Sizes:

  • Mats are not exact and have a 3-5% size variance in all finished sizes and is just part of the manufacturing process and materials
  • We do not guarantee an exact match to the inch and on large orders mat sizes may vary within this range. For rough finished sizes, please reference each product page

Color Selections:

  • Final colors tend to be a little lighter than what you see online because of the heat press which causes the colors to lighten
  • If you are concerned about the color being dark enough for your background or any other color, please select the next darkest color

PMS Matching: 

Although we can get remarkably close, color is never an exact science and variations will occur. An absolute exact color match is vulnerable to many factors.

  • One factor is that we are printing on white, nylon or other fabric carpets
  • A hot press is used to combine the carpet and rubber backing and the heat from the press often causes the color to lighten
  • How the fibers are laying, and your viewing position will often change the color slightly

Typically, we can get close to most PMS colors, but the final color may be a few shades off. For the PMS color to be as close as possible, we require additional time to create the proof sketch.