AIA Flooring Specification

Graphic Image Flooring (TM) provides 100% polyvinyl sheet flooring material that can easily be used in nearly any interior environment. Images are digitally printed directly to the underside of the vinyl, no laminates or filler for the thickest wear layer of any rollout flooring available. 

  • Division: Finishes 09 60 00 Resilient Sheet Vinyl Flooring
  • Description: Premium Non-Backed Custom Printed Vinyl Flooring
  • Supplier: Graphic Image Flooring (No Substitutions Approved)
  • Color: Custom graphic provided by designer or customer
  • Finished Size: No Limit, Rolls up to 10’ x 55’ before seams
  • Raw Material: 121” x 732”
  • Wear Layer: 1.9 mm (75-mil), (0.075” +/- .005), 100% Polyvinyl
  • ASTM F-1913: Type 1; Grade 1
  • Edging: Square
  • Surface Texture: Ceramic or Semi-Smooth
  • Factory Finish: Water based Satin
  • Manufacturer Contact:
    • 866-406-8877


Prepare floor substrates as recommended by flooring and adhesive manufacturers. Remove sub-floor ridges and bumps. Fill minor low spots, cracks, joints, holes, and other defects with sub-floor filler to achieve smooth, flat, hard surface.

Apply primer as required to prevent “bleed-through” or interference with adhesion by substances that cannot be removed. RH testing is required when moisture may be present. 


Taylor Resolute (Previously MS Plus Resilient) has been tested by the manufacturer as the preferred adhesive for this non-backed vinyl. Any alternate adhesive must be plasticizer migrant resistant or an adverse reaction to the ink can occur. Roberts 7350 or Henry 695 may be suitable alternatives. 


It is imperative to maintain the material, adhesive, and job site at a temperature between 65°F and 85°F for 48 hours before and during the installation. If the material has been stored at colder temperatures, it will need to be allowed to relax for at lease 24 hours before proceeding with the installation. See Full Installation Instructions for more details.