Terrazzo Circles Pattern P1711

Pattern P1711

Pattern P63a5

Pattern P933a1

Each Design Available in 5 Standard Colors & Scalable To Your Space - Ships in 10 Business Days or Less

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Made in the United States

Custom Printed Flooring

Graphic Image Flooring was founded to create stunning floor options that are as creative as you are. Our goal is to alter the space below your feet.

Our other site Graphic Image Flooring provides more detailed information for floors that meet your space. Because each of these floors requires customization our team is ready to work with you. 

Areas of Expertise Include

  • Home Flooring - From space aliens to tropical bathroom oases, let your imagination transform your space
  • Commercial Flooring - Let your floor tell your story. Incorporate your logo, game, path to purchase or a walk in the park
  • Museum Flooring - Elevate your exhibits with a completely immersive experience starting from the ground up
  • Retail Flooring - Provide your customers with a completely immersive shopping experience
  • Specialty Flooring - Tabletop covers, games, chair mats and more, the more unique the better


The average residential vinyl floor has a wear layer that is 10 mil thick and even a commercial floor only has a 20 mil wear layer with a laminated layer beneath it. We do things a little differently.

Our vinyl contains no fillers or laminates and starts at more than 5 times thicker wear layer for residential and 3 times thicker for commercial flooring. 

  • 1.3 mm (50 mil) thick
    • Finished sizes up to 10' wide x 50' long in a single piece before seams
  • 1.9 mm (75 mil) thick
    • Finished sizes up to 10' wide x 50' long in a single piece before seams

Please complete the contact us form or contact us directly for your assistance with your custom flooring project. We are trusted by many large company as well as countless homeowners throughout North America. 

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